Statistics and research underpin tourism policy, industry development and the marketing of tourism in Azerbaijan.

Accurate statistics are vital to understand market developments, labour market trends and industry performance and to anticipate the impacts of shifting consumer preferences and demography. Monthly reports filled with relevant and reliable data about arrival numbers, expenditure and purpose of visit are published here.

Further documents about core market studies and industry reports are available for download.

Arrival Report - March 2020
31/03/2020 statistics

The number of arrivals in March 2020 dropped by 62% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Arrival Report - February 2020
29/02/2020 statistics

The number of arrivals in February 2020 increased by 16%! 

Arrival Report - January 2020
31/01/2020 statistics

Number of arrivals in January 2020 increased by 18%! 

Arrival Report - December 2019
30/12/2019 statistics

Inbound tourism in Azerbaijan hits the record of 3.2 mln!   

Arrival Report - November 2019
30/11/2019 statistics

The number of foreign travelers increased by 13.3% in comparison with 2018

Arrival Report - October 2019
30/10/2019 statistics

Azerbaijan expects record year of inbound tourism in 2019